Air Purifying Respirators

General Fire and Safety of Lincoln’s air-purifying respirators offer supreme protection from harsh work environments where the air could be dangerous. We feature top product lines, such as Advantage®, Comfo®, OptimAir®, Ultra-Twin®, Ultra-Elite®, FireHawk®, and AirHawk®. Protecting your airway and lungs becomes crucial when the working environment poses risks of chemical splashes, vapors, contaminants, or toxic fumes.


General Fire and Safety of Lincoln’s air-purifying respirators filter toxins and dangerous chemicals from the surrounding air and supply breathable air to the user. They provide workers with respiratory protection from harsh environments. These masks have versatile function and come in two different styles: half-mask respirator and full-mask respirator. Both options operate the same, but full-mask respirator models feature added face and eye protection. General Fire and Safety offers both types and your employees who need them can work confidently, knowing they’ll be protected.



Supplied air respirators dispense clean air to the user by means of a portable tank or cylinder. They are also known as self-contained breathing apparatus. Worn by rescue workers and firefighters, these units provide immediate breathable air in a dangerous atmosphere where toxic fumes or chemicals could be present. Supplied air respirators consist of a portable air tank or cylinder, facemask, and assembly pieces. They can be customized to fit the needs of industrial workers and fire departments. General Fire and Safety of Lincoln has the respirator models you need to provide your staff with the safety they need in extremely hazardous breathing environments.


Emergency Escape Breathing Apparatus (EEBA)

Emergency Escape Breathing Apparatus, also known as ELSA (emergency life support apparatus), is the escape packs used for emergency only if there is a hazmat spill or leak and provide the wearer breathing air for 5-10 minutes depending on the model. General Fire and Safety offers quality name brands including MSA and Honeywell (Sperian).

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