First Aid Kits

Sanitary and organized first aid kits are a vital part of any home or workplace. General Fire and Safety of Lincoln has the commercial and industrial first aid kits to fit your home or workplace environment.

At General Fire and Safety, we know that when a workplace accident happens, you want and need easy access to medical equipment. Our commercial first aid kit provider, Certified Safety Manufacturing, Inc., makes metal first aid kit cabinets that come equipped with high-quality medical products. These first aid kits have shelving inside that house all of your first aid supplies in one place, making emergency assistance calm, organized and efficient.


Household accidents happen and having a residential first aid kit means being prepared for cuts, bruises, skinned knees and even a broken finger. With a first aid kit in the home, you can reduce bleeding, reduce the change of infections, splint that broken finger and ease the pain of your loved ones, or yourself, before you arrive at a health center. We understand that no two households are alike, so we can work with you to find the right first aid kit for your home.


An industrial first aid kit should be equipped for the potential hazards within the workplace and will vary for each field. A restaurant should be prepared for lacerations, while an office space should be prepared for paper cuts. General Fire and Safety of Lincoln’s heavy-duty metal commercial and industrial first aid kits come filled with a wide variety of necessary first aid products that are easy to resupply when they run out. Medical supplies may vary by kit, most include gloves, gauze, adhesive bandages, tape and wrap, burn gel and antiseptic wipes. If your workplace needs a more specific type of first aid kit, we have fully customizable cabinet options available as well.

Having a durable, safe industrial first aid kit from General Fire and Safety of Lincoln can protect the items that need help to heal. The many advantages of having a metal first aid kit cabinet instead of a plastic kit include better protection from dust and debris, ensuring cleanliness of supplies such as scissors, gauze and gloves that may not be packaged. They are durable enough to take out on the road for jobs. In buildings, the commercial first aid kits can be attached to walls for ease-of-access and are available in multiple sized horizontal and vertical cabinets.

With commercial and industrial first aid kits from General Fire and Safety of Lincoln, you and your employees can keep working knowing you are prepared in the event of an emergency.

First Aid Kit

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