General Fire and Safety of Lincoln is proud to offer ZOLL® automated external defibrillators. ZOLL® defibrillators has designed to accommodate a variety of clinical needs. Defibrillation is critical for treating cardiac arrest. ZOLL® defibrillators meet the standards required for first responders, trained rescuers, and hospital personnel. In addition to providing the latest technology in cardiac life support, the entire line of ZOLL® defibrillators feature a uniform operating system, making training easy and maximizing fast, efficient product use.

Users of ZOLL® automated external defibrillators from General Fire and Safety of Lincoln benefit from their real-time feedback on rate and depth of chest compressions. Audio and visual prompts ensure the confidence of medical personnel in their rescue. An integral part of a detailed defibrillation solution designed to streamline resuscitation gets built into every ZOLL® defibrillator — Real CPR Help®. This technology helps medical personnel provide the best CPR possible in a rescue.

ZOLL® automated external defibrillators detect a heart rhythm and deliver the shock on their own without the push a button. The device prompts a heart analysis and an automated shock will be delivered, if necessary. The dependability of ZOLL® defibrillators extends to its batteries as well. They are virtually maintenance-free and feature long life, even with extended use.

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