Fire Suppression System Inspections

Your Lincoln Fire Suppression System needs to be inspected regularly to operate at peak performance when it matters most.  Whether it is a suppression system in your restaurant exhaust hood, paint booth or computer data center, General Fire and Safety can service, inspect and maintain it.  When it comes to these critical systems, General Fire and Safety is an authorized distributor for Ansul, Amerex, Pyro-Chem, Fike and others.  General Fire and Safety can be your one stop shop for all of your fire suppression inspection needs. Schedule a free, no-obligation walk-through with General Fire and Safety.

Kitchen Exhaust Hood Inspection

No matter where you live in the US (even right here in Lincoln), fire suppression systems in commercial and industrial kitchens require regular inspection. Most models will have multiple elements, including fans and ductwork, and different kitchen areas require different hoods. General Fire & Safety offers models from Ansul, Amerex, and Pyrochem.

While separate from a sprinkler fire suppression system, a kitchen exhaust hood system must work in consort with one. Plus, you need expert and certified installers to make sure your fire suppression systems work in tandem with kitchen exhaust hoods. General Fire & Safety offers fire suppression system inspections, and the products and know-how to create a safe kitchen.

Clean Agent Inspection

A water-based sprinkler system is designed to protect people and structures. But when it comes to protecting high-value machinery, technology equipment, and other electronics, water can do as much damage as the fire itself. Fike systems, like the ECARO-25® clean agent fire suppression system and the FM-200® fire suppression system, are superior, cost-effective choices for protecting electronics and high-value assets without business interruption and unnecessary downtime.

Paint Booth Inspection

Chances are if you’re installing or planning to install a paint booth, your local code (and sometimes federal code) will require it have a fire suppression system. You need a system that offers automatic detection and activation. Our systems designed to protect a spray booth feature the necessary parts such as nozzles, cylinders, pulleys, rope, stacks, and alarms. The size of your paint booth determines what parts and system you’ll need.

Industrial Fire System Inspection

Industrial workspaces pose special fire risks and are often are fraught with danger. In every industrial setting, you’ll find many instances of flammable materials and liquids – often integral to your operation. The presence of expensive machinery and other assets compounds the potential for loss. Factors such as the actual working space – whether expansive or constricted – creates risk as well.

If you’re in need of maintenance for your system, General Fire and Safety fire suppression system inspections are unmatched. Our 50+ years of experience prepared us to help you create a safe industrial workspace. We have industrial fire suppression systems that fit your needs and know our way around your operation, even before setting foot inside.