EST Fire Alarm Products

General Fire and Safety highly recommends fire alarm systems from Edwards United Technologies (EST™), who provide progressive solutions for safety, fire detection, and fire alarms. As the global leader in hazard detection and warning systems, EST™ protects countless lives each year with site-specific solutions for businesses, institutions, homes, and schools. General Fire and Safety of Lincoln’s EST™ fire alarms, CO and smoke detection systems are and innovative and effective solution for any business. We can help you install EST™ fire alarms in your home or business, protecting you and the people you care about.

Connect with an EST™ Strategic Partner in Lincoln

Only individuals who have become an EST™ Strategic Partner can sell these systems. EST™ Strategic Partners are selected from the most qualified Engineered Systems Distributors. Before becoming a Strategic Partner, candidates must complete thorough training and demonstrate high levels of technical skill and quality control. The team members at General Fire and Safety are proud to connect an EST™ Strategic Partner with you.

EST™ Fire Alarm, Intelligent Detection, and Notification Systems

Signature Series Intelligent Detection

Featuring smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide (CO) sensing technologies in a single compact unit, this system eliminates the need for separate devices.

Genesis Series Advanced Notification

Offering the latest in notification technology, this system combines inconspicuous looks and features to blend in with any facility.

FireWorks Command and Control

Highly effective yet simple monitoring and control with screen quadrants that are organized, context-sensitive, and event-driven.

Available EST™ Systems:


A solution featuring a control platform for complex and detailed locations.


A combined UL-listed fire alarm and mass notification solution.


A versatile system with built-in cost-saving technology.

iO Series

An intelligent fire alarm solution for small to mid-sized locations.

Fire Shield

A conventional fire alarm solution for small to mid-sized locations.

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