Fire Safety

Fire Extinguisher Training

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If a small fire starts in your office or work space, do you know that your nearest fire extinguisher is your first line of defense? A trained staff can save lives and property by properly operating a fire extinguisher to put out small fires, or to assist in leaving buildings by using it to clear pathways of egress. Don’t hesitate to sign up with General Fire & Safety in Lincoln for fire extinguisher and safety training with our fire safety experts, it could save your life!

Sign Up for Fire Safety Training With General Fire

General Fire is dedicated to protecting businesses, which is why we train hundreds of employees in Nebraska and Iowa, we want people to be prepared for the unexpected. We utilize the BullEx workplace safety training tools to educate your staff on how to use fire extinguishers. We also allow the employer to comply with state and federal safety regulations. Prepare your employee’s with our realistic, clean and cost-effective fire extinguisher and safety training by calling Lincoln’s General Fire and Safety today.

To learn more about fire extinguisher training and safety training, contact our Lincoln-based fire safety experts at 402-261-0116.